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Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES) was set up by the Fullness Christian Social Enterprises (FCSE) is a non-profit organization in 2011.  Its mission is to promote social entrepreneurship development and city transformation in Hong Kong for societal betterment through a team of pracademic and knowledge volunteers.  Its scope includes research, experiment, create, publish, educate and provide consultation on social entrepreneurship.  The goal is to develop a structured Social Entrepreneurship Body of Knowledge (SE-BoK) for Hong Kong.  FSES has over 100 members, 59 of them are core members who take up various programs or initiatives. 

The Fullness Academy was set up by FSES in 2015, it is the training and coaching arm of FSES. It aims to create practical knowledge on social innovation and share the knowledge with the social enterprise (SE) community that includes NGOs, social workers, corporations, the education sector as well as the government. It envisions the SE practitioners and NGOs in Hong Kong will have a set of handy tools and practical knowledge to increase their chance of both creating and maximizing the social impact of their projects. It also promotes excellence in research and dissemination of knowledge through training, consulting and publishing for the benefits of the society of Hong Kong. Since 2013, we have a joint program with HKU-SPACE called “Management for Social Enterprises” which has already trained 10 cohorts with a total of 178 graduates and at least form 30 Social enterprises. It published its first set of booklets for the Social Enterprises World Forum in 2016, held in Hong Kong.  The most recent booklet is “Applying Design Thinking to Create Impactful Corporate Social Responsibility Programs: A WIN-WIN for Social Enterprise & Corporate”.  
Since 2012, FSES organizes the annual Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM) sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau. This program aims to enhance the notion of “10% Swap for Good” and encourage consumers such as the general public, corporations, education institutions and organizations to make a socially conscious choice to patronize the products and services of social enterprises (SEs) outlets, so as to promote active citizenship and betterment of the community.  In 2018, TECM had engaged over 200 SEs and generated over HK$12.4 million extra ethical consumption spending from both individuals and corporates for the participating SEs. 

Since 2012, FSES has also organized the annual Business-As-Mission Forum (BAMF). In 2017, the very first “Inter-church x Social Enterprises Movement Bazaar” was organized with various churches working hand in hand to put their beliefs into practice. 

In 2014, Social Entrepreneurship School Education Program (SEnSE) was funded by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund) and was co-organized with the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is a 3-year education program from 2015-2017 for secondary school students. The program aims to nurture young social entrepreneurs, stimulate students’ mindset change to cultivate their caring value, creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Since its kickoff, the SEnSE program has reached 155 schools, 126 teachers and more than 15,000 students. Over 90% of the student participants changed their perspective on disadvantaged groups and learnt various solutions to the different social issues and are willing to commit action to care for those in need. In 2018, the program has also acquired further funding from the Lo Kwee Seong Foundation to extend and expand the program from 2018 -2021. 

The unique competences of FSES include strategic planning, leadership, hybrid organization management, social innovation, social impact measurement, and transformative learning.